This platform is part of the open-access article Accuracy of human motion capture systems for sport applications; state-of-the-art review of the European Journal of Sport Sciences.

Objective: Sport research often requires human motion capture of an athlete.  It can, however, be labor-intensive and difficult to select the right system, while manufacturers report on specifications which are determined in set-ups that largely differ from a sport research in terms of volume, environment and motion. We initiate this open platform to assist researchers in the selection of a suitable motion capture system for their experimental setup for sport applications. We invite researchers to perform an accuracy test prior to their experiment and to add to this online chart and system overview. You can contribute to the project, by filling out the contact form.

Figure: Sport categories with the most plausible measurement system categories. A division is made between team sports (more than three players) and individual sports. Team sports primarily involve large measurement volumes and occlusions. Since team sports are mainly concerned with tracking, the accuracy is less important than for individual sports, where technique factors are commonly analysed. The individual sports are apart from indoor vs. outdoor, also divided into larger and smaller volume sports. Smaller volumes are covered by the highly accurate OMSs. The individual sports in larger volumes are currently the most critical in terms of measuring kinematics. The most suitable options are IMS and IMU (fusion) systems. Gymnastics HB, high bar, gymnastics F, floor, track and field R, rink, track and field D, discus;